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Current Account

Current accounts are on demand deposits accessible to the client anywhere anytime. Customers usually open current accounts to manage their cash, but with us it is a little bit more than just that.
Why open a Current Account with us?
♦ Receive/wire international transfers for a nominal fee.
♦ Get a checkbook and make your payments convenient.
♦ Receive by email a detailed monthly statement without charges.
♦ Access your account online
♦ Issue direct debit or standing orders signing once to pay for recurring payments.
♦ Follow your account activity using your mobile even without Internet coverage.
♦ Pay Utilities through online, mobile, and direct debit orders.
Requirements to open a Personal Account

Copy of ID/passport

♦ Recent passport-size photos
♦ Completed Accounts Opening Form and Signature


Saving Account

With a savings account, you are sure to get most of the teller services available to any current account client and still avoid paying monthly folio charges. Current accounts are focused on convenience while savings accounts offer you a free account. Enjoy for FREE unlimited number of transactions per month for withdrawing, depositing, and transferring to other clients within the bank.
Account Opening Requirements:-
♦ 2 passport size photos.
♦ Valid passport or equivalent card


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